Nothing is Impossible

Technology and Multimedia round 4

             Python is the programming language which anyone can learn about it. On the internet, it says “Python is really easy to learn for beginners”, but to me python is not easy because it is the thing that I am not good at. There is always thing that you are not good at, but nothing is possible. There are a lot of things that we learn in this round such as Dictionaries, Lists, Accessing Items, Change Item Value, Loop through a dictionary – print key name, Loop through a dictionary – print value names, print key and values, check if item exists, dictionary length, add items, remove items – pop, and remove item – delete. Since I was not a good programmer, there were a lot of trips going on, and another project (Technovation) that I really need to work on, so it is really hard for me to learn and get the idea of those lessons, but I found a way to get through this journey. It is asking questions. Asking questions in class is one of the way that help me to be a better programmer. It helps to develop the interest and to become a actively involved in class, to develop critical thinking skills, to review leaning, to better understand the concept, and to stimulate me to pursue knowledge on my own. Now, Nothing is impossible and the word itself says I am possible to be a good programmer.

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