Electricity Exploration (1)

Electricity, Economic, Infrastructure, and Access is an exploration that enhances both writing skills and the creativity of making any product. I never thought of writing an informational article because I don’t usually like writing that much. I found myself a better writer after I was assigned to write an article about the Importation of Electricity in Cambodia. I am really impressed with the declining of electricity’s importation from neighboring countries. In 2011, for example, 64% of the country’s electricity was imported. By 2016, this had fallen to 22%, and by December 2018, Cambodia imported 15% of the electricity is consumed, 11% from Vietnam, Thailand (2.8%) and Laos (0.7%), based on a report by Open Development Cambodia. I have learned so much about different types of how we produce electricity like wind, hydro, thermal, coal, and solar power. One thing that I like the most about Solar power is that it is renewable energy which means it is not depleted when used. 

Electricity is one of the main sources in each household. People who live at the very far away from the city of Kampong Speu province have suffered so much from living before having Okra to help them. It costs them a lot of money just to fix the battery that stores the power from the solar each month, while it can’t power a lot of supply in the house. Luckily, Okra steps in to help them from the bitterness of living. Their lives have changed so much after Okra’s company came to help them with the new technology of saving electricity. People who use Okra said that they don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on power anymore, and it can also power a lot of things like Freezer which helps them to find more money. In today’s world, we have the knowledge and tools to seek solutions to some of these issues like what Okra did. We must also help each other out and bring Happiness to other people, too.

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