What’s My Name?

My Pretty Short Name

When I was young I lived upon my mother’s milk as I couldn’t eat grass and on my father’s shoulder as I couldn’t walk. Until the day that I began to walk, the name Ena is everywhere in my ears, so I started to realized that my name is Ena. As soon as I was old enough to understand things I started to know my full name, Ena Im. My name, Ena Im is a pretty short name that has no meaning in both Khmer and English. After watching, seeing, noticing, and deserving how good Ena is by her action in the Filipino movie called The Promise, my parents started to like Ena so much that they wanted their daughter to have the same character like her, so her name has chosen to be my name.

Now I have my name, but the feeling that I want to change is everywhere in mind when I go to school hearing other student’s names. I felt like my name is too short and has no meaning while others have. Ena Im is too short for me, I wanted another name like Mony Sereyroth, a name that has a beautiful meaning, peaceful and beautiful sunflowers. Even though I had a feeling that I don’t like my name, but I also thought of something positive about my name. If I think about it positively, I would say “it doesn’t matter whether it is short or long, and meaningful or meaningless, the only thing that matters is whether I am a good person or not.” But still, it has no meaning.

On January 12th, 2019 is the day that I realized the meaning of my name. Ena was my parent’s favorite character’s name and now it is mine. Ena was a child of God just like me who was born as a child of God. She lived in a poor family, but she tried hard in her studying until she became a successful businesswoman. She went through a lot of challenges before becoming a successful businesswoman and having an infinite love that no one could break them apart. The love between her and Angelo would never end even though Angelo’s family doesn’t like a poor person like Ena. She loved Angelo by her heart and not by seeing Angelo as a rich man. The way that she tried to share everything that she has to other people on the island, make my parents like her more and more. Her sweetness, faithful, ambitious and compassionate convince and persuade my parents to name me, Ena Im.

I would like to baptize myself again so that I can have positive thinking about my name. The quote that says “Don’t judge the book by its cover” now come to me. I always remind my friends about this quote when they forgot it, but now it is my turn to remember this quote and let my friend remind me back because I don’t want to judge other things specially my name ever again. I would never forget my parents advises about Ena experiences and behavior. The road to success of my life will be open for me as long as I take Ena’s behaviors as the model.

About Me

Hello, my lovely and beloved reader who is reading my blog

             I am Ena Im (Ena). I study at the Liger Leadership Academy (LLA). It is a school that educates the promising youth of today to develop socially conscious, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. Before I came to Liger, I studied at the government school in Tboung Khmum province, which is the newest province that was created by splitting from Kampong Cham province in 2014. Most of Cambodian are Buddhist, but my whole family is Christianity. My Mother is a housewife. She is not just a housewife, but she is my hero. I believe in love at first Sight, because I love my mom since I opened my eyes. My father is a farmer. He gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. I think that I am so lucky that I was born in the family that is full of happiness. To me, my family is not just an important thing, it’s everything.

              People think that I am so talkative, but behind that, I am a little bit emotional at some point. In school, there are different types of subject, but I love learning all of those. Even though there are some subjects that I am not really good at, but I still love them. One of my favorite exploration that I love the most is called the Robotic exploration. In this Robotic exploration, I think that I am good at designing the robot and make the robot looks cool. In this Robotic exploration, I think that I am good at designing the robot and make the robot looks cool. In my free time, I like listening to music. In my school, I am the only student that is Christianity in the Junior Cohort, but I never think that I am different, because we are all humans! For me, I think that I’m good at making people laugh and inventing something strange or crazy (Creative Stuff), but the two things that I am afraid of doing and cannot really do are Doing the public speaking and controlling my feelings. From now on, I will be stronger and I believe that the goals that I have set for my life will be achieved by me working hard. I also have God who always helps me when I am facing any big problems and with my Determination, God will help me to be successful in this life.