Electricity Exploration (1)

Electricity, Economic, Infrastructure, and Access is an exploration that enhances both writing skills and the creativity of making any product. I never thought of writing an informational article because I don’t usually like writing that much. I found myself a better writer after I was assigned to write an article about the Importation of Electricity in Cambodia. I am really impressed with the declining of electricity’s importation from neighboring countries. In 2011, for example, 64% of the country’s electricity was imported. By 2016, this had fallen to 22%, and by December 2018, Cambodia imported 15% of the electricity is consumed, 11% from Vietnam, Thailand (2.8%) and Laos (0.7%), based on a report by Open Development Cambodia. I have learned so much about different types of how we produce electricity like wind, hydro, thermal, coal, and solar power. One thing that I like the most about Solar power is that it is renewable energy which means it is not depleted when used. 

Electricity is one of the main sources in each household. People who live at the very far away from the city of Kampong Speu province have suffered so much from living before having Okra to help them. It costs them a lot of money just to fix the battery that stores the power from the solar each month, while it can’t power a lot of supply in the house. Luckily, Okra steps in to help them from the bitterness of living. Their lives have changed so much after Okra’s company came to help them with the new technology of saving electricity. People who use Okra said that they don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on power anymore, and it can also power a lot of things like Freezer which helps them to find more money. In today’s world, we have the knowledge and tools to seek solutions to some of these issues like what Okra did. We must also help each other out and bring Happiness to other people, too.

Nature Always Wears the Colors of spirit


Outdoor Leadership is an exploration that enhances both Outdoor and Leadership skills. The main goal is to get us more comfortable in nature and learn how to adapt ourselves in an unfamiliar environment and situations. Throughout this exploration I’ve learn a lot things including different skill of survival without modern technology or infrastructure. One of the main thing is learning what does nature mean to us and the importances as a Cambodian youth.

Learning how to help others is one of the most important thing in this exploration. Volunteering your time or energy to help others doesn’t just make the world better, but  it also makes you better. When you help others, it makes the people that you are helping feel proud and they might say “You are a really helpful kid and I am proud of you”. I am sure that this phrase will make you happy, so helping others also help yourself. It benefits you a lot because you get both, the happiness and you get to know how to cook a food that you never know before.

I observed that everyone in this exploration were doing a really great job on helping others people especially, helping our tour guide to get the good done. All of this hard works and team buildings have made us a really supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Lunch and it has been the best memory of all the time.

While trekking, it is really important to observe the natures around you because you might see something that you never seen before. I saw a lot of big trees that are hundred and hundred of years, I saw different types of insects and animals, I saw the marvelous view of nature in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and etc… From observing nature, I also learn about the environment in my country, for examples, did people cut down a lot of trees, if so, how do I change or solve this problem in the future.

Before this trip happened, I never know that in Cambodia, there is this gorgeous waterfall. This waterfall is call “Leng Trock” and it is among the most beautiful waterfall in Cambodia. Water play an important role in the waterfall, without it the waterfall won’t be beautiful. From this exploration, I’ve learned that water is really important for our lives. As nature’s most important nutrient, people need water to survive. Water helps to transport oxygen, minerals, nutrients and waste products to and from the cells. Without water, we won’t have a wonderful trip. I am so grateful to be one of a Cambodian child and thank you so much nature for providing human this beautiful place and resources that help thousand of lives meaningful.

Wildlife plays an important role in balancing the environment and provides stability to different natural processes of nature. I’ve learn that wild animals can inspire people to lead a sustainable lifestyle. They can invoke feelings of sympathy and compassion, causing people to be conscious of the damaging effects of their lifestyles. Every animals are very gentle if we are nice to them. Getting to see an elephant was one of my goal before going out on this spectacular trip. As what I observed and asking the tour guide questions about elephants, I think that Elephants are among the most intelligent of the creatures with whom we share the planet, with complex consciousnesses that are capable of strong emotions.

Before seeing the elephants and the beautiful waterfall, I went through a lot of tiring feelings and exhaustion. This is because I didn’t drink enough water. Learning how to drink a lot of water while trekking is really important, but while trekking, you don’t want to drink liters of water at a time instead, you drink water one by one, but lots of time. Learning how to be brave is also important because it might cause you to the serious problem. You need to be brave at telling people or your adults that you are not feeling good now and you feel like you are dehydrated. By telling them, you can feel better because they know what to do to make you feel better.

Last but not least, I want to improve myself on my braveness. When I did a lot of trekking in Mondulkiri, the blister is somehow got on my foot. I knew that I got blister and it is hurtful, but I kept walking by not telling any adult or anybody. Because it was getting more hurtful, so I decided to tell one of the adult. Choosing to continue walking while having a blister is not a good choice because it might become a serious problem. So later, I should be braver at telling others people that I got blister or any problem while trekking.

Exploration round 2 (Cambodian traditional food)

Cambodian traditional food is my exploration for this round. The purpose of this exploration is to bring back the old Khmer food and to gather people’s stories about how Cambodian foods impact on them. We have been brainstorming a lot about how to ask a good question so that we can get good stories from the interviewee before we went on a trip. Siem Reap is one of the places we went to. Before we went on a trip, we were assigned into three teams, Photo essay, Video, and Journalism. I was a part of the Photo essay team but doesn’t mean that I cannot join the Video or the Journalism team, we all need to learn those skills and if we know it already we can practice more to get better. On a trip, we got to interview a lot of chefs in an individual restaurant that serves traditional foods. They were really friendly and welcomed us warmly. I have been taking a lot of pictures while I was on a trip, but I realized that I didn’t involve much in asking people question while interviewing, so I started to set a goal for myself that I am going to ask people lots and lots of questions and I won’t be afraid of talking to people anymore. Finally, I achieved the goals that I have set for myself, I asked people a lot of questions and got a lot of stories from the interviewee. I really encourage everyone to set a goal for your life or anything that you are doing because Goals Help Us Believe In Ourselves. Setting goals for yourself is a way to fuel your ambition. Goal setting isn’t just about creating a plan for your life and holding yourself accountable, it’s also about giving us the inspiration necessary to aim for things we never thought possible.

That is what I have learned from my lovely teacher, Cindy. Back on the Photo essay that is a job that I was assigned to be, basically a photo essay is a collection of images with some caption or it can be a short paragraph, too. So far I have created two photo essay which was written about the Khmer rice noodle and the Bamboo Sticky Rice. Click here to see my first product and click here to see my second product. 

Community Travelling Theater

Exploration round 1

This is my third years studying in Liger. My first exploration of this third year is called the Community Travelling Theater. It is one of the biggest projects in Liger. We are going to create a Theater from a truck and we will make some changes to make it more like a Theater. It will look like a normal theater, but one special thing about it is that it can move to anywhere we want. The purpose of doing this is to help the people in rural areas that never seen a play or a performance to see. Many theaters in Cambodia doesn’t move, so the people who live in rural areas do not have a chance to watch a play. That causes to think of an idea of creating a community traveling theater because it could go to anywhere on earth and it is really helpful. It is helpful because we can use it to keep supplies, stuff, travel, and perform. People can also gain educational knowledge from our play, too. Since now we don’t have enough money to buy a truck, so we decided to find money in the Crowdfunding. We are making a video of us working when we were on the trip, interviewing people around the village, set up the play, perform and etc. We also include the people feeling about the play and feeling about the Truck that we are going to make. For example “How do they feel, if we make a Truck Theater and perform a play in their village?”.  We hope to have this truck finish as soon as possible.